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Mini Quiche PLatter, 24 of the Chef mini quiches (bite-sized):lorraine, Salmon, Pumpkin & fetta, Ch
Baguette Platter, 24 pieces of traditional French Baguette Rolls, 4 different fillings (always avail
Brioche Platter, 24 Mini Brioche burger buns, 4 different filling (24 hours Notice)
Choux, A selection of 4 of our mignon choux filled with creme patissiere,(Vanilla, Strawberry, Choco
Dinner Roll Platter, 24 gourmet dinner rolls, 4 different fillings, (24 hours notice)
Fruit Platter, Fresh season fruit cut to finger food size portion, served up to 6 people. (24 hours
Macaron Platter, A Selection of 8 flavours of our Hand-Made macarons, 3 of each flavours (always ava
Mignardise Platter, A selection of 4 mignardises including 6 macarons, 6 slices, 6 choux, 6 mini tar
Sandwich Platter, 24 sliced bread sandwiches, 4 different filling (24 hours notice)
Slice Platter, A selection of 6 of our gourmet slices, 4 of each flavour, 24 pieces. (24 hours notic
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